I was listening to a podcast the other day that encouraged its listeners to not rush into 2018 without first reflecting on the themes of 2017.  For some reason I resisted the challenge but decided to sit with God and reflect…remember. The temptation I was fighting was to just spin around the issues I had before the Lord today, crying out for Him to do something to help me! After inviting Him into my anxiety I began to feel His presence ministering peace, hope, love, clarity and confidence. He was with me and will continue to be with me each day of 2018. I’m so thankful for the strength He gave me to choose to be grateful and remember His faithfulness.

2017 began with us in Florida praying for my mother’s health to be restored. She was in the hospital for a month fighting for her life and she won! Praise be to God! She was healed and is doing well today.

In February we became grandparents! We were caring for my mother and missed the arrival of our sweet baby girl, Mieke James Snider. Abigail, our 16 year old daughter, was in the room with Zach, our oldest son, and Mikele, our beautiful daughter in law, and that was a gift she will always treasure. A new chapter in the life of Zach as a father began and he is doing an incredible job! (he had an awesome example!) They live only three blocks away so we are fortunate to see them often. According to Jim still not enough!

Abby and I went to Rwanda, Africa in July! We were so brave and fought through our fears and just did it! We were so blessed by the experience.  Thank you for supporting us through gifts and prayers. It was life changing, all for the better. I hope we go on many more adventures just like it! We had a few challenges along the way but they were truly opportunities for Jesus to show us He was with us every step!

In October Aaron, our middle son, bought a condo in Orlando, Fl. Aaron has been working at Disney for three years. He was able for his first two and a half years to live with my cousin and save his money. When the time came to branch out on his own he was able to buy a condo close to Disney. We are overjoyed that his life and work have come together so beautifully. He is a man now!! We are proud of him and miss him.

Finally, Abby began taking college classes at Cairn University this past fall. She’s a junior in high school but can dual enroll to earn college and high school credit. She did very well and is growing up too fast for comfort. I rejoice in the young woman she is and her heart for reaching out to others with the love of Jesus!

The Lord has done mighty things personally in our family and in Cast Your Cares this past year. The theme He revealed to me was new chapters in our children’s lives are being written. Long awaited prayers have been answered! We consecrate the upcoming year to him and all he has for us. We pray to God each day. “YOUR KINGDOM come YOUR WILL be done on Kensington as it is in heaven”. Our focus is on Him and all he leads us to do and be in 2018! Thank you for seeing us through the past 19 years, we anticipate the next year one day at a time walking with our faithful God!!

We appreciate you so very much!

Jenifer Snider

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