I am full of joy

Thank you for your prayers and partnership. The Lord is answering and I wanted to give Him glory and ask for your continued intercession! Last month we asked you to pray for me as I felt led to host a Kensington share and prayer group for women in leadership. I prayerfully took the step to invite ladies the Lord laid on my heart. I was overwhelmed with the emotional response from the women. I heard from each one how they have been asking the Lord for this exact opportunity! I am full of joy that I didn’t let the voice that said I was inadequate, unqualified and exhausted discourage me to the point of not stepping out in obedience.

Jim was trying to remember a young woman who is here serving by herself in ministry. He really felt she should be a part of this group. All he could give me was “young woman” in “some ministry”. That was a challenge! You can imagine my surprise when a mutual friend of this young woman came to the Saturday Outreach and said, “This is Kim, she serves here by herself and I felt led to bring her here today!” I texted Jim and he confirmed that yes that was the young woman! I invited her and she had tears in her eyes and said “I’d love to come, you have no idea how much I need that!”

WOW! Please pray as we gather and lift up our hearts that The Lord fills each one of these beautiful women with exactly what they need. We meet every Monday afternoon. Jim has a “small group” of his own that show up Sunday afternoon. Three or so college students come from Cairn University (where Abby is dual enrolling this year) to come minister on the avenue. Jim supplies them with the ministry resources they may need, a word of encouragement and sends them on their way! When they return he “debriefs” with them on how it went. It has been a blessing to watch these young men come and be filled as they pray for others. It is also not easy so keep them in your prayers as they are taking on new and challenging ministry.

This week we are hosting Mission Year for a dinner to share our “story” and feed 7 hungry college students! One of the team members came last year on a college break trip and decided she wanted to serve in Kensington for a year. She reached out to Jim to ask us to share with her team because our story was powerful. I must humbly admit it is! When we start sharing how many times we have seen and experienced the faithfulness of the Lord it sounds unbelievable to even us!! Pray for this honored opportunity!

Finally, we praise God our supporters feel led to put a new floor down in the ministry center!! We have had estimates drawn up and are waiting to pass the figures along when we receive them. Please pray we make the best choice for flooring materials, that the company we are working with does a great job and that we will have the volunteers to help prep and put everything back where it goes! It will require a lot of lifting and moving but well worth it in the end!

Thank you for your prayers!! We value your partnership and are so thankful!!