We are celebrating all the Lord had done!

March 2014:

March certainly came in like a lion; we had one of the harshest winters of our 15 years here! Our hearts were heavy each time the weight of the winter snow would land on our compromised leaky roof. We experienced new leaks in rooms the summer rains had not come through. Even though the Lord had provided through your generous hands the resources to fix the roof we still had the challenge of dry weather to get the job done.

In a series of God led events the Lord gave Jim a peace to use a Christian construction company in Lancaster. This was the only company that agreed with Jim that the old roof needed to be taken off completely. Jim feared the wood was damaged underneath and didn’t want to just cover over potential future problems. As Rory, Jim, Frank, and Bob were on the roof pulling up layers of disintegrating roof paper the wood was in fact rotten. Rory actually stepped through in a few places as the wood crumbled! Thankfully, no one was hurt and Rory was able to replace all of the rotten beams.

What joy filled our hearts when the new rubber roof was installed and all of the challenges of the old roof were resolved. During the next rain, Jim stood and watched the water roll off the new roof and rejoiced that it was doing its job perfectly.

With the new roof in place we took to the most damaged room, our bedroom. The process of pulling down water logged plaster and rotten wood was messy! We discovered the mold issue that appeared over the summer was not from the leaky roof but from the bathroom vent that had become disconnected and was blowing the humid air up the wall into our room. That was a much simpler fix than we had expected. Rory also installed a new closet system, put everything beautifully back together and Jim did an excellent painting job. We had paint, linens, and a rug donated that made the room really come together. We both love the results. When I open my eyes in the morning my soul sings, “Great is thy faithfulness…all I hath needed thy hand has provided, great is thy faithfulness Lord unto me!”

The next challenge we face is repairing the damage done downstairs. One of our supporters that helped to fund the bedroom restoration asked me, “Jen, how long are you going to live here?” I answered, “Forever, I guess…” to which she responded, “Then we need to make the repairs as soon as possible!”  We struggle with putting resources into our personal home. We look at all the patchwork holding the ceiling together and know this is a need but it is still challenging to “take away” from ministry funds. Please pray for the next phase of the renovations, for peace in the decision process, for the resources in the form of finances or donated materials, and for us to endure the process with our marriage and ministry intact!

2014 new roof

New Roof

We are celebrating all the Lord had done, all the ministry that has continued in the midst of a fierce winter, the next phase of construction next door and to our home! Great is thy faithfulness!! Thank you for being the hands he uses to provide for all of this. We are so thankful.