Great is thy faithfulness!

We made it through another winter!! This winter was mild but to this Florida girl that’s all relative. With spring’s arrival brought an exuberant group of college kids to do ministry in the neighborhood. The fact that they chose to spend their spring break here set my feet to dancing! The leader of the team was one of our former interns from our first summer here. Veronica is now married with three beautiful children and a professor! It’s hard to believe 16 years have passed since our arrival and so much life lived in between. We are blessed that another of our former interns is in our small group! You just never know how the seeds planted and watered will mature.

Veronica back in the day!

Veronica back in the day!

With the visiting groups we are asked to share lessons we have learned along the way. I enjoy retelling how incredible Jesus has been at caring for us. He has met every one of our needs and many of our heart’s desires. We have seen Him provide miraculously in times of great need.

Just to share a few; we have a dentist who cares for our teeth at no cost! I’m glad he didn’t know I was a clincher and would need four crowns and four root canals in a year! He did Zachary’s braces, but said Abigail’s were too complicated. That stuck fear in my mama heart! However, a beautiful orthodontist who attends our church did them for 10% of her usual fee! Surprised? This is our reality!! He also provided a pediatrician that has become like part of our family. He is so kind and when we couldn’t afford the prescriptions, he would fill them for us.

I could go on and on! Ok, I will! Each of you is part of our story of God’s faithfulness. The challenge is to not give doubt and unbelief a chance to creep in and whisper what if that’s it? God may be out of resources to pour into you! Jim was quoting Psalm 50:10, “For all the animals of the forest are mine, and I own the cattle on a thousand hills.”  How’s that going to help, you ask? Never doubt the scriptures, on the following Sunday one of the dairy farmers at our church said that he sold a cow and the Lord told him to give us the money. Sounds like I’m making this stuff up, right?

The grand finale is that we look at each other and marvel that people ring our doorbell every day in need of something because they know we are a resource. In this kingdom we dwell in there is always multiplication happening, not subtraction! I have nothing, Jesus gives to me, I give away, and then I receive twice as much as I gave away….It has been proven time and again in our experience.

The glory all goes to The Lord. He has done this great and marvelous act. We love to impart that faith into the next generation. The Lord encourages us to remember what He’s done and to rest in His capable hands. I know I’m preaching to the choir because you are all givers who know how the kingdom works. Thank you for your generosity, may you be mightily blessed!!