Build Your Kingdom Here!

June 2014Construction with Daniel

This is the cry of our hearts and we know by your faithful partnering yours too! We, like Paul to the people dear to his heart, “..Thank God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.”(Phil. 1:3-5). You are remembered every prayer we pray for all God is doing here on Kensington Avenue as it is in Heaven. We are constantly aware that without the generous gifts you give and volunteer support provided we could do nothing! We are truly grateful for all that is given and done with agreement.

We are so incredibly thankful for all the repairs that have been done to our home after the roof was secured a couple of months ago. Our bedroom has been completely redone and I am enjoying a mold free beautifully decorated sanctuary! I even got a new closet in the bargain. The next project was Aaron’s room. He graduated high school this June and has outgrown his childhood bunk bed. The water damage done to his bedroom was minimal but none the less motivated us to renovate and redecorate to bless the graduate! He’s thrilled with the results but not so much by us calling it the “guest room”. He’s welcome to stay as long as he likes but must forfeit his room to visitors, any takers??

Our next project is under way and overwhelming!! The front room was hard hit by serious water damage. There was severe water damage that resulted from the leaking roof and plumbing from the upstairs bathroom. The ceiling had collapsed, the flooring was stained, and my favorite was the exposed plumbing to the upstairs bathroom and the familiar smell of mold lingering in the air. All that to say a necessity yes, easy no! We are nearing the end of this room before we tackle the living room and kitchen.

The projects have been going incredibly well and provided for generously.  In fact, it is leaving Jim puzzled with regards to God’s will next door. Understandably, it is a huge project with a large budget to complete but we have seen God provide and do not doubt he can, does he will it is the question. Jim is asking for prayers of agreement with regards to this project. What do we all agree on??  It will cost nearly 200,000 dollars to complete the commercial kitchen. This would make us legal to serve meals, allow folks to come into the building, and host short term teams down the road. Do we need to do this? Should we press into this vision or seek the Lord on an alternate direction?

We value your prayer covering and need you to respond with how you believe the Lord is guiding the building project next door. Jim is weary not being legal in regards to how we currently operate. We can’t imagine not having the outreaches every Saturday or not allowing folks to come in the building when it’s snowing or sit at the picnic tables to eat and fellowship. But not our will but His be done. Please join us in prayer seeking the will of the Father for this project. We know Jesus desires to build his kingdom here. Thank you for considering us in prayer and for all you do!