Shard Removal

When the weather turns warm we spend as much time out of doors as possible. It is quite contrary to living in Florida most of my life where I spent time trying to avoid the heat. We are fortunate to have a beautiful side lot and spring marks the season where most city dwellers come out of their brick dens to officially end hibernation. Last year while dining in the side lot I dropped a glass sending it shattering all over the rock gravel lot. I hurried to clean up all of the shards before anyone got hurt and headed inside.

A couple of days later I went to the lot to do some early morning reading. The sun was shining so bright directly over my path and I stopped in my tracks as I saw more glass shards. I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to me about all the shards that reflected in the clear light of day. I couldn’t believe how many I missed! He spoke how in our most painful moments we tend to pick up the large shards and call ourselves healed briskly move on with life. Only when we are capable of deeper healing does God reveal more shards that need to be gently removed.shards of glass

As you can imagine I needed a word from God at that moment in my life. I thought I was past a hurt and was bothered by this gentle reminder there was even more healing I needed. Until that moment I hadn’t realized festering shards were still in my heart that without God’s gentle hand removing them I could never be completely whole. I was well enough to do my day to day but God always wants more for us than to just get by.

Tender mercy and grace are His way. Our ministry to the hurting souls in Kensington is full of “shard removal”. I thought moving here we would preach the good news and all would be healed. Instead I have learned we are in fact healed bit by bit through a process that is just as important as the final healing! We have been enduring many processes just as you have and continue to see God’s hand in them all. The construction renovation moves nicely along. Faithfully each week men sacrifice their day off to build God’s kingdom here on Kensington Ave. as it is in heaven. The food cupboard remains open and full of food for more than 80 families each week. Jim’s time spent on the street continues to prove fruitful.  The outreaches are full each Saturday uniting Christ’s bride (the church) spending time with Christ (the least of these). And remains one of the most beautiful things our human eyes can behold.

Thank you for your sustaining support of our shard removal here in Philadelphia. I have a great peace knowing you agree with us to continue the work begun here entrusted to our family and volunteers.